How to Apply

Applying to The Edison School involves these steps: 

Download the Application here.

  1. Call the school to schedule a visit. Our Head of School will meet with parent(s)/caretaker(s) and the potential student.

  2. Please bring available academic testing, Individualized Educational Plan (IEP), 504 plan and any specialists reports such as Speech & Language or a therapist's evaluation for your child. We will tour the building at this time.

  3. Once our staff has reviewed your information, you will receive a call to schedule a student visit, or "shadow visit." Most student visits involve two full school days on premises to allow time for thorough observation.

  4. After the student visit, the admission committee will review your child's file to determine whether enrollment in The Edison School is appropriate. Student acceptance into the program is conducted on a rolling admission basis.

For more information please contact us at 615-431-5637  or email