Criteria for Enrollment to The Edison School

The Edison School maintains the following admission expectations for applicants:

  • The Traditional Edison (E1) program maintaines the following admission expectations for applicants: Students will demonstrate average to above average cognitive ability as measured by an individualized intelligence test, or potentially average intelligence as indicated by an IEP, high-stakes testing, reports cards, or a combination of any of the above. E1 Students are capable of doing grade-level work. We understand that there can be a significant difference between verbal and performance based measures. If you can provide a statement by the examiner indicating that the overall scores do not represent the students true potential, due to overriding factors such as attention or language processing difficulties we will take that into consideration.

  • The E-Squared (E2) program maintains the following admission expectations for applicants: The learning difficulties experienced by the student are not the result of primary emotional/behavioral problems or other physical/mental handicaps. Although behavioral support is in place, TES is not for students with behavioral challenges. E2 students might be capable of doing grade-level work, but need more academic and/or social-emotional support than what would be provided in the E1 setting. We look at each student individually to decide what would be the best placement for that child. Students in an inclusionary or CDC classroom are often excellent candidates for the E2 program. 

  • Project Jumpstart students are typically children of kindergarten age with autism or developmental delays. When considering admissions we look at each case individually which means we ask ourselves "will this child benefit for our program?"