Project Jumpstart

The Project Jumpstart classroom was designed for kindergarten-aged children who require a different instructional and behavior–management strategies than those required to teach typically-developing children. Upon its inception, the parents of Project Jumpstart reported a need for access to professionals who have the heart of a teacher, who can facilitate the development of skills needed to meet their child's needs. 

The two primary goals of Project Jumpstart are:
(a) to facilitate the development of critical teacher behaviors necessary for teaching young children with Autism and related characteristics; and
(b) to establish a foundation upon which a sustainable classroom might be built.

To accomplish these goals, the Accessible Behavior team conducts activities across several domains, including :

  • Direct teacher training and modeling
  • Observational data collection of teachers and students
  • Individualized data-based feedback for each teacher
  • Criterion-based formative and summative assessments
  • Graded online coursework
  • Curriculum development and
  • Material preparation