Project Jumpstart

The Project Jumpstart classroom was designed for kindergarten-aged children who require a different instructional and behavior–management strategies than those required to teach typically-developing children. Upon its inception, the parents of Project Jumpstart reported a need for access to professionals who have the heart of a teacher, who can facilitate the development of skills needed to meet their child's needs. Behavioral consultants Dr. Peter Beddow and Mr. Andre Anderson from Accessible Behavior, LLC, both Board-Certified Behavior Analysts, work to equip the teaching staff in the Project Jumpstart classroom to become not only the primary teachers, but the primary therapists for their students. At the same time, the parents are trained to understand their child's individual abilities and needs, and to be taught the strategies needed to lead their child toward continual learning and growth.

The two primary goals of Project Jumpstart are:
(a) to facilitate the development of critical teacher behaviors necessary for teaching young children with Autism and related characteristics; and
(b) to establish a foundation upon which a sustainable classroom might be built.

To accomplish these goals, the Accessible Behavior team conducts activities across several domains, including :

  • Direct teacher training and modeling
  • Observational data collection of teachers and students
  • Individualized data-based feedback for each teacher
  • Criterion-based formative and summative assessments
  • Graded online coursework
  • Curriculum development and
  • Material preparation

Parents have been thrilled at the outcomes they have observed with their children since the time they began at The Edison School, and are excited about the months to come. According to Rebeckah Dopp, Head of School at Edison, “Intervening early in a child’s education will bring the best long-term results for the student. For our children with autism and developmental delays, we strive to make their learning differences a strength.”