After leaving the public school system and beginning a new adventure with The Edison School last year, my son now feels supported, safe, and comfortable with his peers, teachers, and Head of School. I feel so blessed every day knowing I have made the right decision regarding my son’s education. He has managed to jump leaps and bounds and I was so impressed with his IOWA Test Scores last year. The Edison School has an excellent curriculum, small class size, and teachers with experience in all learning styles. For the first time, my son does not dread going to school and wants to learn. The Edison School has completely changed our lives! What more can any family possibly want for their child?

Christie M., Parent

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share Lincoln’s success story. Our family and friends have all noticed a change in our son since he began attending The Edison School. We struggled for years trying to help him cope with his anxiety/sensory disorder/autism. Always told he was so bright but…usually if he doesn’t get a handle on his anger or learn to be a better friend he will likely develop low self-esteem…leading to depression and even suicide. We tried medication but he became much more agitated. Our son has had a therapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, pediatrician, and a neurologist when we received a call from school. On we went calling, visiting, discussing what his best option is…after a lot of our time and money we developed an approach by his team only to be told by public school, “that sounds good BUT we’re going to try it this way instead.” At Edison they have a team of professionals that work directly with the teachers to develop and implement a plan for my child’s success. My son’s experience is amazing. He loves school now, he counted the days for summer to end!

He no longer requires medication, he is much calmer and better at articulating his feelings. I am so thankful for The Edison School. At Christmas our family shared a prayer of gratitude and even his distant relatives said a prayer of thanks for his turn around and expressed a grateful heart to TES.

Lyndsey S., Parent

My daughter started The Edison School in the 4th grade after being in public schools for a few years. She had always been a little behind and was continuing to fall further and further behind. After always loving school and always being such a hard worker and then beginning to not want to go to school and feeling like a failure and like she would never “get it like the rest of the kids,” we started looking around for options.

I had never heard of The Edison School, but after meeting and interviewing with them, I knew it was the right place for us. We have now been there almost two years and couldn’t be happier with the progress they have made with my daughter and her happy outgoing personality is back. She loves going to school and has friends that help and encourage each other rather than isolate her.

Academically, they have helped her more than we could have gotten in five years in the public schools due to the individual attention we get and also the motivation and encouragement to keep trying and go as far as you can without limitations.

This has been our saving grace and I don’t know where we would be if we hadn’t found The Edison School.

Shane and Christy B., Parents

What is The Edison School? The Edison School means everything to my husband and me. I unknowingly started this journey with Edison when Hayden was two and a half years old with my first phone call to the school. I learned that I had a lot of work to do before he was able to go there. I had learned that the school didn't start until 3rd grade until NOW. I am a parent of the very first class for kindergarten and the Project Jumpstart program.

Our son was previously in public school preschool and did not have the skills for kindergarten yet. This was an absolute worry for me because public school was unwilling to give him the tools to succeed in a regular kindergarten. Not to mention all the endless battles with the school system and IEP meetings.

We chose Edison because its shares our vision, future for Hayden's education and created a sense of normalcy for our family, which is what we desperately needed. Not only is there great communication with the teachers and the head of school, but a true sense of having your child in a loving environment when you pull away from the school in the morning;  you know he's in a safe place and not being judged. Just saying this brings tears to my eyes. So our decision was clear: this will be Hayden's home for education for several years to come and I am now excited about what progress he will make for his future! 

Eric and Kristina Wood, Parents

Seth is like a different child now that he has started the E2 program. Huge reduction in anxiety. He was actually disappointed when he thought school might be cancelled today due to snow. He’s in there singing in the shower and told me yesterday “Grandma, you should—I like school now.” Never thought I’d hear those words come out of this mouth. We’re so grateful.

Sharene L., Grandparent

I am so grateful that my son is able to attend The Edison School's first ever Kindergarten class! The classroom size is very small with just four students and two teachers, therefore each child is ensured to get one-on-one attention. My son is looked at as an individual. He is not expected to fit into a mold. He is celebrated for who HE is, including his quirks and eccentricities! I know that my child is loved and his best interests are put first at school! The environment is positive, nurturing and strength oriented. He also is very proud that he gets to go to The Edison School. He loves telling people about his school!

Julie, Grateful Mommy

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