Welcome to The Edison School

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As Head of School, I am excited about the programs The Edison School has to offer. Founded in 2012 to provide educational opportunities for children with learning differences in Sumner County, The Edison School has since grown to encompass students from Davidson, Robertson and Wilson counties.

What sets The Edison School apart:

  • A student-teacher ratio of 7:1
  • A list of accommodations the moment your child becomes an Edison student
  • A talented teaching staff with a wealth of experience educating children with learning differences.
  • A Head of School who is passionate about our school’s parents and students, and whole-heartedly believes in the mission of The Edison School.
  • A medical advisory board who collaborates with staff to provide cohesive, cutting-edge services to our students, narrowing the home/school gap.

Traditional Edison Program (E1) focuses on the needs of children with average to above average intelligence with learning differences such as ADHD, dyslexia, Aspergers or who are gifted. Many of our students have no primary diagnosis, but struggle with anxiety or have been in a non-traditional learning environment and need a bridge between home schooling and public school.

Edison-Squared (E2) was designed to meet the needs of children who are languishing in the CDC or inclusionary environment. These children need more time to process than E1 students, but are capable of learning. 

Project Jumpstart focuses on kindergarten-aged children who require an entirely different instructional and behavior-management “toolbox” than those required to teach typically developing children. Project Jumpstart parents need access to professionals who have the heart of a teacher, who can facilitate the development of the skills needed to meet their childrens’ needs. These professionals must be able spend the time needed to equip them to become the primary teachers and therapists for their children. Parents are trained to understand their childrens’ individual abilities and needs, and to be taught the strategies needed to lead their children toward continual learning and growth.

I hope that we are able to meet your needs here at The Edison School and look forward to introducing our family to yours.

Rebeckah Dopp, MA, Sped., MS, ABA
Head of School
The Edison School

For more information please contact us at 615-431-5637 or email: rebeckahdopp@gmail.com