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We Embrace Differences


The Edison School (TES) is a private co-educational day school for children in grades K-12 that provides an environment where every student’s differences and learning challenges are embraced, understood, and met, using a whole child approach.  TES is a place where we celebrate and develop a child’s strengths, as well as address their area of difficulty. It’s a safe place where each young learner is treated and educated as an individual – in an atmosphere of care and respect that helps our students reach their full potential.

TES gives families in Sumner, Wilson, Robertson, Smith, and Davidson Counties easier access to student-centered learning built around the specific needs of each student.
Learning differences are often observed and diagnosed before formal education begins, so that is why our program begins in Kindergarten, offering a greater opportunity for success from the very first day of school. However, students may enter our program at any grade level.

Our Mission

The Edison School creates a culture where differences are celebrated,  
and every student is recognized and valued.



Our Beliefs

  • We believe every student has the potential to learn.
  • We believe learning differently demands that we teach differently.
  • We believe every person who interacts with a student is an educator.
  • We believe all educators should have the necessary resources to help every student reach their full potential.


  • We believe family partnerships are an essential component in the pursuit of academic and social development.
  • We believe students need a school environment that addresses their social, emotional, academic and physical needs.
  • We believe every student is unique and has their own strengths and challenges. 

Our Approach


The Edison School’s learning environment caters to students who learn uniquely. Many of our students come from different academic backgrounds and require individualized classroom accommodations and modifications. Students are grouped and taught at their learning level, regardless of their grade level. This creates opportunities for each student to build confidence and success in reaching their potential.





The Edison School began in 2012. Several local businessmen and education leaders saw a need for a school on the north side of Nashville to help service children with learning differences that were struggling in the public school system.

In 2016, The Edison School received accreditation through AdvancED (Now Cognia). TES is also a member of TAIS (Tennessee Association of Independent Schools).

Equal Opportunity


The Edison School does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, color, religion, nationality or ethnic origin in the administration of its policies and programs.

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